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06 March 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Partnership between Carerix and Stiply for easy online contract signing

Effective signing process thanks to legally valid digital signature

Delft/Utrecht, 8 March 2017 Carerix, which supplies recruitment solutions for corporate recruiters and intermediaries, has established a partnership with Stiply to bring an end to the administrative workload associated with processing and signing contracts in the recruitment process. As a result, signatories no longer have to print, sign, scan and return contracts via e-mail or, worse still, via post. Thanks to Stiply, all appendices (doc or pdf) in Carerix can now be legally signed in a safe and effective manner. Stiply has been fully integrated into the Carerix platform, which means an extra tab can be used to access it via the existing Carerix interface.

Digital signature

In-depth technical knowledge is not needed in order to use Stiply. All recruiters have to do is upload documents (which need to be signed) from the Carerix platform to Stiply. They must then highlight where signatories need to sign and then simply press ‘send’. Signatories will then receive an e-mail featuring a link to the concerned document. They will be able to immediately see the document online without having to log in, and sign it using the touchscreen on their smartphone or tablet or with their mouse. This ‘digital signature’ will be stored and an extra electronic seal will be placed via encryption. This offers 100% certainty that the document cannot by modified once it has been signed. This electronic seal will break should even the slightest change be made.

Several signatories

Both parties will then be sent the signed document via e-mail. It is also possible to have the document signed by several parties. In this case, the first signatory will be asked for verification via text message. Verification via text message is optional for the second and third signatories, which means recruiters do not have to enter a code each time. Besides employment contacts, Stiply can also be used to sign other documents like assignment confirmations or time sheets/monthly statements. However, Stiply also allows people to easily and quickly place a signature to conform receipt of company phones, leased vehicles, keys, safe boxes or NS business cards.


Stiply uses an overview screen to show how the signature process is progressing and which requests are still outstanding. The sender is also notified if people are responding slowly, so reminders can be sent. Once all documents have been signed, the sender will receive automatic notification and all signed documents will be stored in the system. Another advantage is that Stiply offers correspondence e-mails in ten languages. And the language can be specified for each signatory.

“I am an ex-IT lawyer and Stiply came into being because I wanted to make legal affairs simpler and help to reduce the use of paper”, says Joost Kuhlmann, co-founder of Stiply. “Many sectors currently waste a lot of paper when signing documents, which includes the employment and recruitment profession. Carerix is a great platform and is used by some major companies. After a few successful pilots with customers, and a lot of positive feedback, Stiply has now been fully integrated into the Carerix environment.”

Arco Westbroek (Chief Product Owner at Carerix): “The partnership with Stiply is part of Carerix’s vision of working with specialised partners to realise relevant out-of-the-box integrations for customers. These integrations must be compatible with their primary processes and help to digitalise repetitive processes. As a result, recruiters will be able to focus on fulfilling their social commitment.”

About Carerix

Carerix - Enables ultimate match makingCarerix is a supplier of recruitment solutions that help corporate recruiters and intermediaries to find the best match. These solutions are hosted using a SaaS model and supplied via secure data centres. Carerix was founded in 2003 and currently has almost 50 employees and over 650 clients, including (divisions of) Randstad, USG, Adecco, DPA, Manpower and specialised intermediaries in ICT, oil & gas, finance and the service industry. Carerix serves over 10,000 users every day, in 17 different countries, and collaborates with various strategic partners. Besides the head office at the TU Delft Science park, Carerix also has a development site in Kiev. For further information: www.carerix.com

About Stiply

Stiply was founded in 2015 to help companies to simplify the signature process for documents. A lot of work has been carried out on the first version of the software since then, and the number of Stiply users continues to grow steadily. The company is located in Amsterdam. The signature process is an important part of the whole contracting procedure. Unfortunately, the signature process also slows down the overall business process. However, Stiply allows signed contracts to be returned a lot faster and requires less follow-up and fewer phone calls by admin departments. But Stiply also offers an overview of the process because it quickly highlights any outstanding contracts. In addition, considerable savings are made in terms of paper and ink, which is good for the environment. The interface is simple and transparent and rarely has more than one button per screen, so everyone can start using Stiply immediately. Stiply is available on a white label basis and can be modified to suit specific corporate preferences like logos, company colours, topics and e-mail texts. For further information: www.stiply.nl.

Note for editorial staff:
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