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30 April 2020

Recruitment Marketing

Searching and posting vacancies on job boards only, is no longer sufficient enough to fill vacancies. And now with the arrival of Google for Jobs, there is only going to change more. Everyone tries to write the best vacancy text, hoping to increase their position within Google.

A different approach

Recruiting staff clearly requires a different approach. The recruiter is no longer just recruiting and selecting the right candidate, marketing is becoming more and more important within recruitment. The market is changing, and as a recruiter it is necessary to change with this. Therefore, bringing in the right candidate requires a different approach.

In a time where the candidate has the choice, it is important to stand out as an organization. With recruitment marketing you determine a strategy for finding, connecting and attracting your candidates.

You use different resources and channels with the ultimate goal of applying for a job. You move in the world of your target group. This allows you to find and bring in the right candidate. For example, by setting up targeted campaigns you can optimize the company image. Employer branding is an important part of recruitment marketing. 

Recruitment marketing and employer branding

Who you are and what you do all influence the image of your organization. How you position your organization on the market contributes to how active you are with employer branding. If you have your employer branding in order, this will absolutely add value for your organization. You show what kind of employer you are. This is very valuable for many job seekers in the search for a new job.

The combination between recruitment and marketing is therefore very important in finding talent, and the dividing line between these two departments is getting smaller. By thinking carefully about how you can use recruitment marketing, you – as a company – ensure that you become more attractive to work for. Do you want to use recruitment marketing for your organization? Then it is important to create a message that matches reality. After all, no one is waiting for information that is not correct. Besides, an online review is quickly written.

Which activities can be part of recruitment marketing?

To reach the ideal candidate, it is no longer sufficient to distribute vacancies on miscellaneous channels. In addition to traditional media such as TV, print and radio, the candidate can of course also search for information online. A (potential) candidate comes into contact with countless forms of communication every day. That is why it is important to be visible on the right online channels. There are several ways that can help you to organize the recruitment marketing process in the best possible way.

Which activities eventually become part of your recruitment marketing strategy depends on the budget and the goals you have set. There are several activities that can help you and become part of this strategy. Think of marketing automation, Facebook campaigns, Job Alerts and Vacancy Improvers. But also e-mail marketing and Google Adwords are useful tools that you can make part of your strategy.

Automation and measuring

By (partially) automating your recruitment marketing strategy, the application process can also be set up more easily. Think of smart application forms, chatbots, online calendars, and sending automatic notifications and reminders. Automation helps you distribute content on the online channels relevant to you. It also ensures that you gain more insight into your activities. The activities are made measurable, so you can only use the best channels for your strategy. In addition, you can personalize the application and recruitment process using various tools. Think of the click behavior of the website visitor, or the data that a candidate has previously left. With this information you can set up (more) a marketing campaign.

  • Job Alert: A good example of automating your work is working with a Job Alert. By using a Job Alert you can send your published vacancies automatically to a group of available candidates. Candidates can register for your Job Alert. They do not have to be in the Carerix system for this, so you can also attract new candidates.

Marketing automation

By using marketing automation as a tool, your message is made relevant and measurable. You optimize both the candidate and the customer journey.

So you can work with different tools to provide the potential candidate with information at the right time. In addition to your website, you can also use channels such as social media, email marketing and online advertising campaigns.

  • Mailchimp: One of the marketing automation tools within the Carerix platform is the integration with Mailchimp. This link gives you the opportunity to gain (more) insight into the click / read results of your newsletter. You gain insight into which customers / prospects are interested in your services and you know which topics in your newsletter are of most interest.

How do you keep it personal?

Personalization is and remains important in reaching your desired target group. But how do you ensure that your communication remains personal? And do techniques like marketing automation not stand in the way of personal contact? Although it sounds contradictory, marketing automation can actually provide (more) personal contact.

With marketing automation you do more than just automating tasks. At the same time, you also collect a lot of data from (potential) candidates and other important leads. With these insights you can have very targeted conversations. You may not have noticed the physical contact with someone. By automating routine work you have more time for personal contact.

Personal contact can of course never be replaced by automated content. However, some tools do come close. Therefore, it’s important for the most optimal recruitment marketing strategy to find a good balance between real personal contact and automated content.