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22 October 2021

Remote recruiting: the future

Because of corona we are all used to working from home. This means new opportunities for recruitment. Until recently, employees dropped out for positions, for example because the distance between workplace and hometown, or because they wanted to work from home, we see this changing more and more. Even after the corona crisis, people want to continue to work from home. Research shows that almost seventy percent of Dutch companies choose to opt more for working from home, even after the crisis.

Although you may have thought last year that working from home was not for you, it may have turned out to be very efficient for you as a recruiter. Because even though recruiting talent was mainly digital for many recruiters until a few months ago, many have now got the hang of it. A good ATS has therefore never been more important. But what are the benefits?

Remote recruiting: good preparation

The shift to the digital world means that as a recruiter your conversations are online. Potential candidates are therefore no longer forced to travel for a job interview. This means that candidates can be reached more quickly and flexibly for contact moments and intakes. But perhaps the biggest advantage? You can therefore conduct many more job interviews in less time. Do you want to approach remote recruiting reliably and efficiently? Then make sure you are well prepared. Good preparation requires an investment in the culture and technology of your organization. For example, do you already use an ATS? This will help you make remote working more efficient now and in the future.

Always available

Perhaps the biggest advantage of remote recruiting is that you have access to your own ATS anywhere, 24/7. You and your team,work centrally from one system. This allows you to easily follow each other’s activities and at the same time ensure that no important information is lost. What other benefits are there if you use an ATS for remote recruiting? We have listed a number of advantages for you:

  • Everyone works with the same up-to-date information
    The fact that you are no longer working in the office at the same time does not mean that colleagues miss out on relevant information. Because everyone in your entire team (or company) works with the same system, everyone sees and uses the same information. You share all information about candidates live in 1 system, so that everyone can consult the same up-to-date information at any time. Where was someone introduced, how far along is the candidate in the procedure and which notes are important? This way you can still work together remotely to place a candidate.
  • Candidate wishes first
    An online selection of candidates can be a solution for recruiters. For example, candidates spend a lot less time on an interview because they have no travel time. This makes candidates a lot more flexible when it comes to scheduling an appointment.
  • Transparency
    An important part of successfully building a remote recruitment process is transparency and accuracy. The use of an ATS ensures that every recruiter can use the most up-to-date information for the recruitment of candidates or contact with the customer.
  • You can measure everything online
    Because much of the recruitment process now takes place online, you can now really measure everything and map the entire candidate journey. The perfect opportunity to measure, for example, how many opens the application emails have, who is applying and the number of clicks on a vacancy.

With a clear plan, you and your team ensure that you can continue to adapt to the changing situation. Very important because you want to continue to offer your customers/candidates the same service they are always used from you.

Remote recruiting is a flexible way of working and an integral part of everyday life. By now you have probably found a way that works for you and your team, you might want to organize current workflows and processes better. Can’t figure it out and need help? We are happy to think along with you about optimizing your Carerix application!