01 November 2022

Sarah Marlex chooses ATS from Carerix – Creating flexibility and usability

At Sarah Marlex they work to find the perfect match at the executive level within a Group of approximately 500 driven people. Marlex Group is a real family business with a passion for people and with no fewer than 70 offices, a connoisseur of the local market in Spain. Their entrepreneurial nature makes them distinctive in the ever-growing sector.

They recently took the step of passing on the organisation to the second generation. As a result, wide-ranging efforts are being made to automate the various components within Marlex. For the ‘Executive Search division, Sarah Marlex, started looking for a system that matched the company’s ambition and vision. With the focus on service and customer orientation in their DNA, it is important not to lose their way of working when implementing software and automating processes. By starting to streamline their internal business and looking for a suitable ATS, they aim to centralize workflows and hope to better monitor cooperation between the different business units.

Ambition and growth

Marc Frances (Managing Director), tells us more about the search for a suitable ATS.

In the search for an ATS, three things were essential to Marc:
1. The user interface
2. The ability to customize things themselves
3. A partnership. A company that thinks along and comes up with creative solutions and ideas

“As a start, we began by specifying our wishes through a business scan. It was very important for us that Carerix had a clear picture of what our processes entail. We always had direct contact with project managers Kevin and Milan”.

They know all too well that finding the best candidate is a challenge at Sarah Marlex. Marc explains:
“Clients only come to us for difficult or executive profiles. It’s not always easy but once we’ve found the candidate suitable for the vacancy we have to be able to store and add a lot of information. We also need to be able to track all interaction so this allows us to do targeted analysis.”

What does that look like in Carerix?

“For us, it is important to be able to search through our own system. Because of the severity of the profiles, our own database is essential for filling our vacancies. In every newly added candidate, we put a lot of effort. For example, the candidate we have spoken to may have another potential new candidate in his or her network. By setting up predefined searches, it saves us a lot of time.”

In contrast to Carerix’s best practice, Sarah Marlex has chosen a different approach, adapting many of the fields that might have been defined by default and fusing them with their way of working.

“Carerix is a smart system in which we can automate, and customize, a lot of work. This was also ultimately the deciding factor in choosing Carerix.”

During the implementation, the contribution from the Carerix side was a lot of thinking about the structure and possible adjustments within the application to make it as workable a system as possible for Sarah Marlex.

Technology that evolves

For Sarah Marlex, working with an ATS is only the beginning when it comes to technology.
So says Marc: “In the near future, my ambition is to use the data from Carerix to make good analyses and steer input. What successes have we achieved and how did we do it? Carerix makes it possible to dive deeper into the data and optimize our way of working.”

Thanks to Carerix, Sarah Marlex manages to save time while not losing its personal touch. Birthday greetings and concrete tasks for employees can be sent automatically. In addition, the fusion with LinkedIn to Carerix is a huge time-saving option, leaving more time for the personal approach Sarah Marlex strives for.

Looking toward the future

Carerix helps Sarah Marlex continue the ambition of being a leader in Human Resources and ensuring the quality they strive for.

“In the future, we want to focus even more on automation so that we can work even smarter. We have already seen that the system has many possibilities for this. We, therefore, look forward to great cooperation with each other. Now and also in the future”.