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11 February 2021

Sign with one click thanks to Digital signing

Of course, you know that as a recruiter you have to be able to switch quickly and be flexible in your work. But why is this so important and what can help you set up your work in such a way that you can do your job more efficiently? Digitizing some work processes can help you do your job even faster and better. For example, it probably takes you quite a lot of (administrative) actions to get contracts signed. So it’s time to find out more about digital signing. Because with digital signing, you can arrange this handling completely digitally.

Manual handling is a thing of the past

Some organizations still handle contracts by mail. This is not only an intensive but also a time-consuming process. It also increases the risk of incomplete files and the failure to provide important information on time. With digital signing, you replace this process by arranging it completely online. It does not require extensive technical knowledge, so you can get started right after installation.

Signing with one click

The recruiter uploads the documents to be signed within the Carerix platform to the chosen tool such as Stiply or Intradata. He then indicates where the signer needs to put his signature and sends it with one click. The signer receives an email containing the link to the document, after which he can view and sign the document directly online without logging in. After the signature is saved, an electronic signature is also created via encryption. This gives you a 100% guarantee that nothing can be changed about the document after it has been signed. After signing, both parties will receive the final document by email.

Besides the employment contract, other documents can also be signed. For example, order confirmations or timesheets, and monthly statements.

Time savings and process optimization

Perhaps you still send contracts by post. You print out the contract and then send it by post to the appropriate contact person. To have the contract complete, you are dependent on when the contract is returned, which can sometimes take days. It also happens regularly that files are incomplete and therefore have to be returned to the contact person. Add to this about 10 contracts, and you’re half a day busy with just administration.

Because of all the paperwork, you may quickly lose the overview. It may happen that you no longer know which contracts are still open. Interesting candidates may in the meantime already have had an offer elsewhere. With digital signing, you lose fewer candidates and you keep an overview easily.

By using digital signing, you are more productive on a working day. Besides saving time, digital signing prevents your system from consisting of incomplete files. Also, it is entirely online, secure, and available anytime, anywhere (PC, tablet, and smartphone).

A legally valid signature

An electronic signature or digital signature is an electronic variant of a handwritten signature, and according to the law is equal to an ordinary signature. All steps in the process are secured so that abuse or fraud can be excluded. For example, most tools have an extensive track and trace code, so that it is always possible to trace the entire handling process. In this way, it is easy to check which colleague started a process and when, and how exactly this process went.

Because Carerix works with various partners, you can easily integrate the process of digital signing into your Carerix application. The signers no longer need to print, sign, scan or send the contract back by post.

Do you want to know what digital signing can mean for your organization? Please contact us.