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04 June 2018

The Swiss army knife of applicant management systems

When choosing an applicant management system, users find themselves faced with the question: is it better to pool the applications from different providers? Or does it make sense to stick to one applicant management system from one provider? The perfect answer is somewhere in the middle. There is also a hybrid solution available, which pools the preferences of different providers under one umbrella brand. The advantage: the individual modules have been developed by partners that are leaders in their field. Plus, they communicate perfectly with one another. Therefore, users don’t have to make any compromises.

Applicant management systems: recruiters increasingly dissatisfied

Recruiters are dissatisfied when it comes to digitally controlled applicant management systems. This is one outcome from the latest HR Software Monitor. Together with the market research institute Kantar TNS and HR IT analyst Elke Singler, the HR magazine surveyed more than 200 companies about their digitisation levels in different areas of HR in April 2017. The outcome: more specifically in applicant management, users would like more tailor-made tools. There is a good reason for this: anyone who manages applicants in the current war for talent with an inadequate applicant tracking system, has to accept considerable competitive disadvantages:

  • Applications cannot be processed fast enough.
  • Candidates receive a considerably faster response from competitors.
  • They are already in a precarious situation in terms of their livelihood when they finally receive an invitation to interview.

Applicant management system: functions and applications

Programming systems must be enhanced in many companies in the near future. This is an excellent decision, since state-of-the-art applicant management systems have sophisticated functions. For example, they support automated candidate screening, which saves recruiters time and effort. Also, the exchange of information about an applicant takes places quickly with an applicant management system, even across different specialist fields: the data of the suitable candidate can be shared and assessed with a few clicks. This saves time-wasting meetings and ensures the applicant receives a quick response. However, effective software for applicant management can do more, such as enabling video interviews. The advantage: candidates, who would actually have a long journey, can complete the initial job interview conveniently from home. This is considered a real service and bestows plus points on an employer.

The selection of the perfect applicant management system

So far, so good. When searching for a suitable system, many users are faced with one fundamental decision: should I choose an integrated system or an individual solution? Integrated systems stem from a provider and usually offer a large range of functions, a clear operating structure and a shared database. The software can usually be expanded individually through specific modules. However, what if the manufacturer does not offer all functions in the product which the provider requires? In this case, many users appear to be a promising alternative with a combination of solutions of different HR software providers. This can work, but there is a hitch: it is possible that the systems do not communicate seamlessly with one another because the interfaces between the modules have not been optimally programmed.

Hybrid systems: pooling expert knowledge under one brand name

However, there is a solution to this dilemma: the Carerix hybrid system. It pools the individual knowledge and expertise with the leading manufacturer such as Textkernel, Thalento, Wonderkind, IntraData and many additional partners under one brand name. The applicant management system is therefore like a Swiss army knife among the applicant tracking systems. Just like the Swiss cutting tool is made up of modules that perfectly complement and harmonise with each another – a sharp blade, different tools such as screwdrivers, bottle openers etc. – the Dutch solution provider is also based on modules that supplement and interact with each other perfectly.

Performance range of applicant management systems

A great deal of innovative technology is available to the user. With the integration of the Thalento® module, they have, for example, a high-performance and efficient scale of pre-screening options for candidates in regard to competencies, conduct, skills and motivation. Different cognitive tests are available, such as an assessment of abstract logical thinking. Meanwhile, users browse the Textkernel sourcing tool in parallel with all potential CV databases, social media platforms and business networks for suitable talent. HR consultants and recruiters receive an automatically generated profile for each candidate found within seconds, which is made up of all manner of data that has been found about them from the different sources.

Established since 2003: Carerix partner program

“Since 2003, Carerix has been working with leading providers to align itself perfectly with the needs of its customers so that they can maximise their success on the job market”, said Reinald Snik, Carerix CEO. “Carerix partners place high demands on customer satisfaction and the quality of its services and/or products.” To quickly and better convert the mutual opportunities, Carerix launched a fixed partner programme in 2015. The talent analytics specialist Intelligence Group is also part of this. “Our partnership with Carerix means that we can achieve pioneering work in terms of using data”, said Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Director. “We work together with a partner, who thinks ahead and not just about today. It is about innovation and therefore, being a leader in integrating target group information.”