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27 February 2024

What can your Customer Success Manager do for you?

Carerix has a Customer Success Team ready for customers. The name Customer Success hopefully says it all: we are here to help you be even more successful with Carerix.

Your Customer Success Manager is there for you on both content and as a link between different departments of Carerix.

Walkthrough and small changes

By taking a close look at your Carerix application together with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) once in a while, you can jointly examine whether the current Carerix configuration still fits your working method. Together with a CSM, you go through the process from applicant intake to placement, for example: do you really need all these match phases? Are templates available to make the next action easier? Are user roles and profiles still correct? Or do you want to remove fields or tabs, but don’t remember how to do it? Small adjustments that don’t take too much time can often be implemented right away. For adjustments that take more time or thinking, or a larger number of adjustments, a larger plan is sometimes needed. This is where your CSM provides the right advice.

Custom Advice

Putting your Carerix configuration alongside your wishes and ambitions can result in tailor-made advice. Perhaps integrations are needed with other systems, your wishes have changed or you want to implement adjustments in the configuration and working method when, for example, you launch a second label or take over a company.
Your CSM will organise a Business Scan with a Business Consultant to map out all your requirements and draw up a plan for this.

Update to new opportunities

Like you, Carerix does not stand still. So it’s good to keep up to date with each other’s developments.

Besides Recuitment and Selection, have you also started a staffing branche or opened new offices? Are you already using the new ‘My Assistant’? Did you know that we have a convenient integration with LinkedIn, Google or WhatsApp? Are you already aware of our new calendar functionality with appointment scheduler or the possibilities for a Marketing Automation integration? In short, being aware of the possibilities ensures that you are fully up-to-date and can make smart choices.

Customer Success Manager and Customer Support

Contact with your CSM is therefore valuable. Your CSM often schedules contact moments with you themselves. Is this not yet the case or did you miss an invitation? Do you already feel the need for personal contact? Feel free to contact your CSM or the team yourself via customersuccess@carerix.com for an (online) appointment. For all your other Carerix questions, you can always contact our Customer Support department. Our support is available both by phone and email.