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17 March 2020

“Work from home”, but how do you manage this as a recruitment team?

The World Health Organization has decided to take various measures regarding the coronavirus. Working from home is one of them. In a situation like this, you want to be able to continue working as efficiently as possible. But how can you organize this?

Although working from home can be very productive for one person, it could cause distraction for others (the household, children and distraction from the news, etc.). Organizing your work day at home as productively and efficiently as possible can therefore be quite a challenge. Now that your work and private situation are brought together, you can flexibly organize your working hours. Instead of working 9 till 5, you can also spread this over 7 days. You can also work in the evening, and the time you normally use to travel can now be used in other ways.

How do you deal with this as a manager?

As a business, it is important, in addition to good faith, to also have insight in home-working activities from your employees. For example: Which calls are made, how many intakes are planned and how many matches are created?  With the various dashboards and reports in Carerix you can gain insight into these activities, and help colleagues do the work as efficiently as possible.

screenshot Carerix

But then your colleagues can do everything at home with Carerix, is this safe?

With a web-based recruitment system like Carerix, you can make sure that employees can continue to do their work at home. Don’t forget to also think of safety.

The administrator of your Carerix application can organize this in different ways;

  • By giving everyone standard access through the web
  • Access only with a token (see Token Based Access)
  • Access only through accepted IP addresses.

You can also ensure that certain exports are not accessible, or that bulk actions are not available for the recruiter. This way you stay in control.

screenshot carerix applicatie

One of my colleagues is sick, what now?

In Carerix it is possible to take over activities such as running matches, tasks, but also mail traffic from a sick colleague. You can also distribute tasks among several colleagues for a spread of the workload.

screenshot carerix applicatie

Internal communications

You can (temporarily) replace many of your physical contact moments with online meetings / appointments.
For example, in addition to standard forms of communication, you can promote internal collaboration through a chat service such as Slack and use tools like Google Meet, Whereby and Zoom for online meetings.

Intakes and daily contact moments

The intake through telephone is a well-known and commonly used form for many agencies. Although calling is a great alternative for face-to-face intakes, this can be made even easier through video. You can make out a lot from someone’s body language. Video also makes a conversation more personal, and it is the closest to a real-life intake.

Sometimes the use of automated video interviews can also offer a solution, for example during the first selection or in preparation for an intake.

You can of course use Facetime, Skype or the tools mentioned above, but for the experience of the candidate and the structure of the intake process, it can be useful to organize this through tools such as Cammio and Flipbase. In addition to the intake, these tools can also be used to present your candidate to a client or send a vacancy to one or more candidates at the same time. Also SocialTalent offers anyone in recruitment who lost their job due Covid-19 free access to there platform for three months.

* Do you need advice or help with security measures? We are happy to help you. Our support team is available through chat in your Carerix application, telephone or support@carerix.com.