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26 March 2020

Working efficiently with Carerix

“What to do when your applicants volume is too high to handle with a manual process?”

If you are busy with processing and selecting incoming applications on a daily basis, you want this process to be as effective as possible. Not only selecting the right candidates, but also the  additional administration can take a lot of time. If you receive (too) many applications for a vacancy, you want to solve this efficiently. Of course this should not be at the expense of the quality of your organization. By using Carerix as an ATS you can manage this process and at the same time guarantee the quality of your organization. The system ensures that you have all your incoming applications in one place. From here you can take various actions to inform your applicants (simultaneously or separately) about the status of his/her application process. You can also use pre-formatted email templates. Standard communication is easy to automate in Carerix.

From the list of incoming applicants you can directly match the candidates to one or more vacancies. You also have immediate insight into the procedures of the various candidates. Candidates can then be found in various ways in Carerix. Through the vacancy, the candidate or contact person.

In addition, Carerix offers various options to make sure that the time-to-hire process runs as quick as possible. By using a talent pool you can create a specific pool for suitable applicants. This increases the candidate experience, ensures a better match and a lower turnover.

In short: the above actions allow you to process incoming applications quickly and effectively. In addition, you have direct insight into where the candidate is in a procedure.