Active Professionals (Qlik)

Active Professionals is the service provider when it comes to Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics & Augmented Intelligence. They maximize the outcome of your (Big) data. With years of experience, they can help predict future results and form active insights that enhance business effectivity. Besides, they can analyze and judge existing data. Active Professionals can support you in this or take it out of your hands completely.

Collaboration with Carerix (Carerix Analytics)

With Carerix Analytics you’ll either choose Qlik or PowerBI to simply bring all data together for insight and overview. Filterable, clickable, and easy in use.

Have another BI tool? Then choose Carerix Datasource and use the data in your existing tool.

The Activity Dashboard
All activities in your organization. These can vary from vacancies, intakes, acquisitions, and placements. Filterable per colleague, location, team, and period selected by you. It might be useful to see the efforts needed to reach a certain goal like placing a candidate somewhere or bringing in a new client.

The Candidate Dashboard
Here, you can view the number of candidates coming in. This gives you some insight into where the candidates come from, through which source, but also which function group and location. With this information, you can see where your marketing comes from or where it’s lacking, so you can decide which target audience you can advertise best.

The Time to Hire Dashboard
Here, you can see the lead time from inquiry to placement. In this dashboard, you can see your strong points, and signal where the bottlenecks are. Are you introducing a lot of candidates, but does it take long to get feedback? Or are candidates often turned down because of a mismatch with the vacancy?

The Placement Dashboard
Here, you can find a complete overview of new starters, ongoing placements, and quitters through you as organization, per location and per employee. You can even see which clients have placements starting, and how long they last on average per client.

The Invoice Dashboard
Do you use Invoice in Carerix? Get insightful information on your top clients, or employees, for example, to see how you are doing financially. You can view these financial details per colleague, location, client, and candidate. Do you use a different system for your back-office? Unlock the data in your BI Tool yourself with Carerix Datasource and bring the details together for the complete picture from recruitment to invoice.

Time sheets
In this overview, you can view all the hours made by your employees, whether you use week or month sheets. You can see how many hours have been written compared to the contract hours of the placements. At the same time, you can analyze sick days and hours on leave. Benchmark and compare different locations, functions, and employees to learn from each other.

Additional requests?

With this foundation, it’s easy for your organizations to start working with data. If you have any additional requests, we can make additional dashboards to add to your Qlik or PowerBI.

It’s normal to use multiple systems. Of course, you’d pick the best one for any segment, compromising on quality is never a first choice. Datasource can exist of, to name a few, Carerix, payroll and/or accounting software, marketing tools like Google Analytics and Ads or your marketing automation package.

When you unlock all this data into a Business Intelligence tool, you have the complete overview as an organization. Think about measuring your advertisement cost, source of the applicant, lead time in Carerix and revenue of your placements.


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