HRLinkiT is one of Carerix’ Belgian partners, which supports organizations with their implementation, couplings, integration, and management of Talent Acquisition solutions. As HR-technology architects, HRlinkiT strives for sustainable and trustworthy relationships where both their services and their solutions are central to the HR-policy.

Collaboration with Carerix

As the implementation partner of Carerix, HRlinkiT supports HR-services during all phases of the management of Talent Acquisition solutions.

In collaboration with Carerix, HRlinkiT has developed various portals to simplify and centralize the communication with all concerned partners (candidates, suppliers, and clients). Tamo, the recruitment analytics tool that has been developed by HRlinkiT, which makes sure you gain more insight into your online traffic, was integrated into the Carerix application.

HRlinkiT is the Belgian implementation partner of Carerix.

They build and maintain integrations with both the front-office, back-office, and client systems.

Value Added Reseller
In collaboration with Carerix, they can produce very focused client solutions.

Recruitment sites
Under the label Talmark, a partnership between communication agency Concepts2Go and HRlinkiT, they offer solutions for branding, marketing, and HR.


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