Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group is a European job market data supplier that has existed since 2003. They have collected information on the job market for the last 14 years and make iG! Data applicable for HR, recruitment, employability, employers, mortgagers, and many others. iG!’s goal is to make the job market more transparent and bring employers & employees closer together, with the help of data.

Collaboration with Carerix

Directly coupled to vacancies within Carerix, the Target Audience Dashboard offers real-time job market data of the intended target audience. This way, you can really get to know your target audience and reach them better. A single, handy overview with explanations of the numbers, including useful tips & tricks.

The Target Audience Dashboard gives an insight into:

  • The (regional) recruitment feasibility
  • Development of scarcity
  • Sourcing pressure
  • Salary
  • Pull factors

Important orientation channels

Furthermore, the dashboard immediately offers a management summary with a search, with the most important points of data on the feasibility of recruitment of the target audience. In conversations with employers/hiring managers, you can show all the facts of your audience and start a professional conversation. On the one side to manage the right expectations, and on the other side to have a direct influence on recruiting that’s more focused, effective and target focused.

  • Identify the motives to switch
  • Use the right recruitment channels
  • Job boards for active job seekers
  • Outline the often-used Apps and social media channels
  • Make a hunt list of companies your talents are at
  • Play with primary and secondary working conditions
  • For more modern, effective, and data-driven recruitment, this coupling is an important step in recruitment process automation.

Experience our solution

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