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Find all online vacancies with one click
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Want to use a single search to scour hundreds of sites for a particular vacancy for your candidate? This is possible with the Jobfeed Big Data tool, which automatically searches the internet for new vacancies every day. You can thus use a single search to scour hundreds of sites for a specific vacancy for your candidate. Search and analyse online vacancies and convert them into practical data.

Vacancies that are found are automatically included in Jobfeed and categorised using criteria such as profession, qualifications, location and company name. The data can be supplemented with information like professional synonyms, sector-related information and company details.

Jobfeed is user-friendly and has been incorporated into the Carerix workflow. It allows you to easily search all vacancies, perform analyses and identify sales leads.


  • All active online vacancies in a single overview
  • Quickly find the right (online) vacancies for your candidates
  • Insight into the advertising behaviour of your (potential) customers in the labour market
  • Discover new companies with personnel-related needs, and thus generate sales leads

Highlights of user interface and functionality

  • Search based on job title and location, within a radius of 50km (using candidate’s details tab)
  • Facet search for easy filtering
  • Semantic search using synonyms
  • Advertiser is the customer so, for example, all vacancies at PostNL can be displayed
  • Show all active vacancies in the Netherlands for end users (not intermediaries)


  • The Jobfeed spider searches the internet for new vacancies every day
  • Machine Learning technology allows the Jobfeed spider to distinguish vacancy texts from other texts
  • All vacancies are compared against each other. This makes it possible to identify double vacancy releases
  • Textkernel’s vacancy parser extracts information like profession, qualifications, location and company name from vacancies and arranges it in the Jobfeed portal
  • The Jobfeed portal makes it easy for you to analyse all these vacancies and search through them directly via Carerix