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Place every candidate you’ve ever sourced
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Suppose you place a candidate for a vacancy, what do you do with your top 2, 3 and 4 candidates? With the help of Jobfeed, you can easily place these candidates in other open vacancies.

Who is it for?

For recruiters who want to get more out of their sourcing efforts. Jobfeed is the ultimate lead generation tool that helps you place all your candidates both quickly and easily.

What is Jobfeed?

Jobfeed automatically searches the internet for vacancies. Any found job vacancies are automatically saved, duplicates are removed, and vacancies are then categorized within Jobfeed according to criteria such as occupation, education, location and company name. You have the option to enrich this data with additional information such as profession synonyms, industry information, and company data.

The user-friendly interface helps you easily search within the Carerix workflow and all online job openings. It allows you to perform analyses and recognise potential sales leads.


  • All active online vacancies in one overview, all within Carerix
  • Quickly find the right (online) vacancy for all your candidates
  • Insight into the advertising behaviour of your (potential) customer
  • Discover new companies that have current needs for personnel