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Allow candidates to personally change their details
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Professional Portal

The Carerix Professional Portal can be used to allow candidates to personally update their profiles, indicate availability, apply for jobs immediately and complete time sheets (Staffing edition). You configure exactly what candidates can alter.

You can incorporate the portal into your website so it can be easily accessed by candidates.

  • You can save a lot of time by letting candidates update their own details. This can, for example, be done by periodically asking candidates to update their profiles.
  • Candidates will feel more committed to your (outsourcing) company if they have their own profile.
  • You can give candidates access to ProfessionalPortal in order to:
  • Update their own profiles
  • Indicate their availability
  • Complete time sheets

You can decide which details candidates are able to modify. You can also determine whether notifications are sent about changes. For example, you will be sent a notification if candidates update their qualifications, but won’t be sent one if they change their address.