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Allow suppliers to access your vacancies
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Supplier Portal

The SupplierPortal makes it possible for suppliers of candidates to access your vacancies. Suppliers can personally enter candidates and match them with released vacancies. This takes place in a separate portal, which means some of the data entry activities are transferred to your suppliers.

Recruiters can use Carerix:

  • To directly and exclusively publish new vacancies for selected suppliers.
  • Modify matches, after which the status of the match will also be modified in the portal.

The Supplier’s contact person sees:

  • The new vacancies published for his or her organisation and presented for acceptance
  • All open vacancies for which the supplier has agreed to recruit people
  • Own candidates
  • Matches for own candidates and the accompanying status
  • Documents that are specifically available to the supplier
  • Contact details for the responsible user in Carerix

The supplier is able change the following:

  • Create new matches for open vacancies, for candidates proposed by suppliers
  • Information about own candidates. For example, the candidate’s availability
  • Add new candidates to your database