Recruitment software supplier

Carerix is a recruitment software supplier. We took our long-standing expertise and experience and used it to develop a modern cloud-based platform to support the whole CRM, recruitment and selection and staffing process of organisations. It is a single system and supports all devices.

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Carerix: a recruitment software supplier for all target groups

We are a recruitment software supplier and we developed recruitment software that can be used by all target groups that are involved in the recruitment and staffing process. We developed various editions of this software, like a Starter Edition or a Corporate Edition.

You can choose the Carerix solution that fits your situation and business preferences the best. We also made solutions for each user of our software, so we can offer them the tools they need and improve their experience. For example, we created the Candidate Experience that makes it very easy to find, entice and excite appropriate candidates.

The User Experience maximises speed, enrichment and matching to realise successful brokerage, while the Customer Experience includes outsourcing, support and delivery.