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A better match, thanks to the talent management software by HRMForce. Insight into incentives, developability of skills and work/thinking level will be compared with each other so you can create the best match.


With the talent management software by HRMForce you’ll possess 25 online tests for insight in knowledge, capacities, personality, satisfaction, and motivation in candidates. Insight in incentives, developability of skills and work/thinking level will be compared to industry benchmarks, to increase the chance of finding a good match. With this, the qualities of the candidates can be indicated objectively, so that the chance of success within a function is a lot higher.

  • Objectify a candidate’s qualities and talents
  • Completely automized matching on skills
  • Improved search because of industry benchmarks
  • Increase the chances of a successful match
  • Reduce the chances of mismatches
  • Dutch Norm group
  • Customized skill languages (like healthcare, and education)


Integration Carerix

The integration within Carerix leads to a simple procedure for better matches in minimal time. Beside 25 online tests, it’s also possible to stimulate and follow the employee’s development through questionnaires and modules.

  • Send out test links directly from the candidate in Carerix
  • Automatically integrate test reports to candidates in Carerix
  • Raw data (specific scores and subparts) available in Carerix for matching and CV


Frequently used questionnaires for recruitment

  • Big Fifty Personality: personality questionnaire based on the Big 5 translated into (a choice of) 100 skills
  • Motivation: what motivates a candidate, and what does the candidate experience at his current job?
  • Ability Analysis: measure cognitive capacities (intelligence) on a Verbal, Numeric and Spatial level
  • Leadership: measure your candidate’s leadership style
  • Reference Check: through a standardized process, objective references of candidates can automatically be collected


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