Flynth takes big step in professionalising recruitment through insight and automation with Carerix

Flynth has been the most trusted business partner and the Netherlands' largest advisor and accountant for small and medium-sized enterprises for almost 100 years. The recruitment team decided to use Carerix as its new ATS. Viola talks more about the implementation and adoption of Carerix at Flynth.

First things first

What does Flynth’s working method look like? How many positions are vacant? How many candidates do we have on file? What is the average turnaround time of a vacancy? By looking for the answers to the above questions, the recruitment team gains insight into the current situation. Flynth’s ultimate goal is a workable application, which generates data quality that ultimately leads to insight. This way, the recruitment team can create support among hiring managers and implement improvements for a successful recruitment flow.

Viola is part of the project team responsible for the implementation of Carerix. Together with one of the Business Consultants at Carerix, a Business Scan was made. What does Carerix look like? What are we facing? And what do we need to make decisions about? “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring along any usable data from our old ATS. Think reports or other data, for example. This was because we were not using the system properly.” This made it all the more important for Flynth to ensure proper adoption of the software now and invest in an optimal set-up.
“A good example is the throughput time of our vacancies. By taking a good look at the vacancy structure in Carerix, we came up with a new way of working where we can get clean data on the lead time of vacancies.”

“On the one hand, Carerix allows us to continue working according to our familiar way of working. On the other hand, we adjust for the importance of pure data.”

A fresh start

The clean slate brought a lot of benefits. It allowed the project team to properly map out what they wanted to focus on within the recruitment flow and what they needed from the internal organisation to do so.
“We work with hiring managers and with suppliers.
To avoid being overwhelmed by the technology, we started by implementing the ‘basic application’ (Carerix Corporate Suite) and the Hiring Manager Portal. This forced us to scrutinise the whole of our structure and map out which hiring managers are responsible for which vacancies. How do you set this up in Carerix and how can we guarantee the AVG in this?”

“The hiring manager portal is an outcome for us. It allows us to assign different rights to our hiring managers in the portal, e.g. viewing and decision rights. Indeed, in our case, the manager may not conduct interviews himself, but ultimately decide on the hiring of a new colleague.”

This makes it ideal for the internal organisation to use the portal. This allows departments to continue working as they always did. With the HR Portal, the hiring manager can now see at a glance the status of the open vacancy, which candidates are in the pipeline and what stage a candidate is in. “This brings relief to the recruitment team, but also makes us take a professionalisation step towards hiring managers. By giving them insight into the processes, we can start the conversation about the results in an easier way.”

Building support

By involving hiring managers in the process and gradually adjusting fields so that hiring managers are also comfortable working with the portal, Viola notices that the software is getting better and better adopted. “This was also one of the big advantages and a decisive aspect in choosing Carerix. The ability to set up the application to ‘fit’ your own workflow, so to speak.” Not only the hiring managers had to be included to create support for the new ATS, the recruitment team consisting of as many as 21 people also had to be included in the implementation of Carerix. “The implementation of Carerix has brought with it a new way of working, where recruiters have much more insight and can help think about a more efficient way of working. To get them on board with further adjustments, we run a kind of pilot at each launch. This gives recruiters a chance to think along and we notice that the software is used better.”

3…2…1…We’re live!

“We launched Carerix in a festive way, because on the day of going live our job-site also went live. This not only provided visibility for our internal organisation, but also people interested in working at Flynth saw that we have further professionalised recruitment at Flynth!”

“Partly as a result of the revamp of our ATS, we were also able to realise a new worksite. You notice that we receive more and better applications. Also thanks to the implementation of Joboti, the chatbot on our website. Our chatbot is also directly linked to Carerix. We notice that we receive more messages from students and interns who want to develop further.”

Work in progress

“At the moment, we are still finalising the creation of insights. For example, we are in the middle of developing reports in the Hiring Manager Portal and dashboarding via PowerBI, which will bring huge relief to the recruitment department. Now a hiring manager can see exactly what the status of each vacancy is, and as they remain accountants, they also have the option to export them to Excel, allowing them to take an accurate overview into consultations or when strategising.”
“For our recruiters, we also recently started using My Assistant. This works very pleasantly. We were able to scrutinise our task structure and make another efficiency improvement.” Meanwhile, the Supplier Portal has also been implemented and Flynth continues to automate.

Together with Carerix, the recruitment department at Flynth continues to build on the digital professionalisation drive. Would you like to know more about our portals or do you have questions about setting up Carerix? Please contact us.