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Add WhatsApp to Carerix with Joboti. With this coupling you can easily start WhatsApp conversations with candidates from Carerix through the Smart Inbox. You can also receive messages here and save conversations immediately. Or use the virtual assistant in WhatsApp for availability checks, sending out messages or job alerts. Find out about all Joboti’s possibilities in Carerix.


Integration Carerix

Thanks to the coupling between Carerix and WhatsApp, you can always start conversations in WhatsApp from Carerix. To do this, you’ll need a WhatsApp Business account which you couple to a phone number. This could be a mobile number, but it could also be your organization’s landline. All conversation you have as a recruiter, or through Joboti’s virtual assistant, will be registered and logged in Carerix in line with GDPR-legislation. This way, your colleagues are always up to speed about appointments and ongoing interviews.

Joboti has multiple option for you to improve your work processes through WhatsApp. Get in contact with us for all possibility.

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