Talentus puts focus on soft skills with integration of online assessment tool Thalento® into Carerix

Recently, Carerix customer Talentus developed a renewed integration in the Carerix application in cooperation with Thalento®. To learn more about this improved assessment tool, we spoke with Karen Celen (Thalento®) and Debora Wustenberghs (Talentus).

What does Thalento® do?

Thalento® develops online assessments and talent solutions. They have their own assessment platform but have also integrated assessments into the Carerix platform to increase efficiency for users. Headquartered in Belgium, they operate internationally.
“Our assessments are available in 28 unique languages and more than 80 reference groups are available internationally. Our customers are mainly in Europe, not just in Belgium.” says Karen Celen.

What kind of tests do you develop?

Karen explains: “By assessments, we mean: personality and motivation assessments, skills tests, cognitive reasoning tests, technical knowledge tests, Microsoft office, and language tests. All tests are scientifically based”.


Talentus is a specialist in the recruiting of permanent and temporary employees. Through extensive pre-selection using in-depth interviews, assessments, and reference checks, they know how to find the most qualified employees and ensure quality for both client and candidate. This objective screening is part of the quality they strive to achieve and therefore distinguishes them from the rest of the market. The cooperation with Thalento® is therefore very important.

Search for soft skills in your own database

The earlier version of the integration with Thalento® made it easy to invite and follow up with candidates in the match process directly from Carerix. With a focus on testing, Talentus consultants know exactly what they need, to make the right match. But to get even more information from the current database, it was desirable to also get access to information on candidates who are not placed after taking an assessment. With this information, Talentus can further optimize searches in Carerix and create a value-full database.

“Making notes during an intake is of course very important, but not everyone does it. You work with different colleagues and these colleagues take notes in a different way and place” says Debora.

So the question was whether it would be possible to make the results directly searchable so that this could be used again to work with previously spoken candidates. For example, you have taken several English tests for a client in the past and now want to know who those candidates are and what the scores are so that they can potentially be matched to a new vacancy.

“We specialize in quality, which is why Thalento® is very important. The assessments allow us to look not only at personality but also, for example, at a piece of technical knowledge of the candidate.” tells Debora.

What does this look like in Carerix?

Debora: “Custom fields have been designed in collaboration with Hans Rook (Partner Manager at Carerix). For example, it is now possible to follow up on sent tests. As soon as we now send a test we see in an “extra” field that the test was sent and the second field shows whether the sent test was also completed successfully. Has the test been completed successfully? Then a score is also visible. This ensures that a consultant can search very quickly and transparently for the best candidate for the vacancy.”

The cooperation with Carerix

“The decisive factor was that we now have everything centrally in one place. But also the transparency of files works very pleasantly. In addition, it is of course also valuable that we can work together with various partners of Carerix to make our process even stronger. We can now clearly use our data and quickly switch between different information sources.” says Debora.
With Thalento®, Talentus is now able to conduct personality assessments from a logical work process. Consultants can quickly switch between activities leaving more personal attention for both client and the candidate.

“Thalento® is a progressive partner for us and likes to think along in solutions. In addition, it is an easy-to-use platform”.

Future and ambition

In the future, Talentus hopes to use the automation of work processes through assessments even more extensively. The assessments are one source of information to better assess the candidate, but the personal relationship between the candidate and consultant remains important for Talentus to make the best match.

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