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Want to process hours quickly as an agency, payroller or secondment employer? With the time registration by e-UUR, you can process your hours 100% digital, fast and easy. You can do this from your own platform for flexible workers, e-UUR, but you can also use the app that you, your flex workers and your hirers can download with the platform.


  • Software specialist in portals and apps for agency, payroll, and secondment organizations.
  • A solution for the entire recruitment process
  • No worries about changing complex agreement rules
  • Overtime, time for time, and expenses are all processed through the Akyla app


Integration Carerix

From the Carerix application you can create the placement (information about the contact, candidate, and vacancy). You can go through this process and finish a placement. With the press of a button, all the information that’s filled in will be sent to Akyla. From here on out, the onboarding starts (getting the employer their contract). Did the candidate fill in and supply all details correctly? Then the contract can also be signed through the app. From here, you can start sending in the hours you’ve made.

Want to use this in your organization? We’ll catch you up on your organization’s best approach.


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