• Mid- and Backoffice


Brevo is an email marketing and marketing automation tool that enables you to create and send targeted campaigns via email, WhatsApp and SMS. The integration allows you to synchronise your contacts from Carerix with Brevo, making it easy to set up campaigns in Carerix that are automatically implemented in Brevo.


  • Unlimited synchronization of candidates and contacts
  • Option to segment contacts into specific target groups in the form of lists
  • Adding your own fields for an efficient link
  • Direct access to campaign results from Carerix
  • Track visitors to your website


Carerix link

Brevo offers a seamless link with Carerix that complies with the AVG/GDPR regulations. With a daily synchronization from Carerix to Brevo, you can effortlessly keep contact details up-to-date and add new candidates and contacts to existing marketing automation lists, directly from Carerix campaigns. In addition, you can measure engagement scores, which are immediately visible in Carerix. This allows you to prioritize candidates with the highest engagement and make targeted offers to them. The integration of Brevo in Carerix offers an efficient and effective way to streamline and improve the recruitment process.


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