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Through Facebook it’s possible to start social media campaigns, and this platform gives you the opportunity to publish vacancies and let candidates apply. Publish directly from Carerix and match candidates to your vacancies.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media-platforms on earth, with more than 2,8 billion active users each month. The platform offers different applications for recruitment, under which:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Facebook-jobs
  • Facebook adverts: companies can create focused advertisements on Facebook and aim these at a specific target audience based on demographic data, interests, and behavior. This can help companies promote their vacancies with potential candidates that fit their requirements.
  • Facebook Messenger: Companies can use Facebook Messenger to communicate with candidates directly. This might help speed up the interviewing process and enhance the participation of candidates.


 Integration Carerix

Through Carerix Automations’ Social Campaign Parser it’s possible to post campaigns on different social media channels, like Facebook. Publish the campaign and receive candidates, which have been matched to your vacancy with the right source reference. Based on this information, you can clearly see the efficiency of your campaign.


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