• Mid- and Backoffice


Freepack Software exclusively for the flex market!

Freepack is committed to automating the flex market so that time and attention goes to people instead of processes. Our focus allows us to be more than just a software vendor. We understand the market and its players.

Freepack software focuses on the back office where it goes without saying that laws and regulations are up to date as well as our ET scheme for migrant workers. In addition, a complete financial package is included. Regardless of the number of temps and/or hours you process in the back office, the monthly fee remains the same.

During a migration we know no problems and you are guided by an experienced consultant who sets up the software, provides training and answers your questions. It is always possible to fall back on our helpdesk at no extra cost. Directly accessible by phone and mail.

If you are looking for certainty when it comes to payroll and invoicing, including pension declarations, phase control, wage tax returns, VAT declarations and extensive management information, we can offer you that certainty.