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Mimir offers completely integrated vacancy-management services within Carerix. Where other solutions make you lose time working in external systems, configurating and maintaining the mappings and saving the overview, Mimir lets you manage your vacancies from existing publications directly.


Mimir offers webservices to manage vacancies on job boards. Mimir is the only supplier of multi-post services, that lets 100% of the management of vacancies run through the recruitment software itself.


Integration Carerix

Because of Mimir’s integration in Carerix, Mimir has access to the data model, containing function(groups), industries and function levels you’ve created in Carerix. When you publish a vacancy, Mimir automatically learns how the layout of your vacancy on different job boards matches the structure of this vacancy in the Carerix data model.

The more vacancies you publish on job boards with Mimir, the more lists will receive preselected values when transferring them somewhere else. You’ll save lots of time categorizing vacancies, while remaining fully in control over the structure of the vacancies on job boards. And if your data model changes, or a job board introduces new functions or industries? Then these details will be taken into the automatic learning process.

Want to learn more about the integration of Mimir in your Carerix application? Check it out here.

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