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Microsoft Outlook is a tool that is part of the Microsoft Office package for Windows. It’s a personal information manager and email client.


Outlook is a popular email and calendar application created by Microsoft. It enables users to send and receive emails, create and keep up with calendar appointments, and manage contacts.

Carerix can be integrated with Outlook, so that users can seamlessly communicate and work with colleagues and candidates through mail. The integration also offers the possibility to save emails from candidates automatically in an accessory Carerix file, making the recruitment process more efficient.


Integration Carerix

Through your Carerix application it’s possible to receive emails in Carerix from the mail server Outlook, and Carerix couples these directly to the right file (like candidate, client, or contact). Through the Carerix Calendar it’s possible to synchronize appointments with Carerix. Plan appointments, share calendars and plan Teams meetings from your Carerix application.

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