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Work, transport, and housing: with Plan4Flex you have a single operational system for all your processes, from enrollment to paycheck.


Plan4Flex helps businesses with complex planning issues or highly variable personnel schedules. From a seamlessly fitting schedule and correct time registration to a user-friendly app with all the information your temporary employees will need. The software lets you work more efficiently, reduces manual labor, decreases the margin of error, and gives you insight into digital files and reports that will help you make better decisions.


Integration Carerix

Beside Plan4Flex, you’ll work with other software. To make working with various tools as easy and user-friendly as possible, Plan4Flex has invested in the integration with Carerix in which placement, employer, and candidate information can be exported from Carerix into Plan4Flex.

We are also coupled to different ID-scanners, BI-tools, GPS-trackers, or other tools that are often used in our industry. This way, we can offer the best service for our customers together.



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