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Power BI is a tool by Microsoft, with which you can easily visualize and analyze company data. With the Carerix Datasource, it’s easy to load data from Carerix into your PowerBI tool.


Power BI is a tool by Microsoft, with which you can easily visualize and analyze company data.

You can import your data from different sources into the tool – like Excel-sheets, CSV-files, and SQL Server-tables – after which they are automatically converted into clear reports and interactive dashboards. You can view company results like Time to Hire, Sourcing sources, campaign information at a glance, leading to useful insights.

1.You have the option to combine data from different sources

Where you would have needed to open several applications beside each other without PowerBI, this tool keeps all your data together in an orderly manner. You combine data from different sources into one clear whole.

2. Sharing information is easy

Sharing reports and/or dashboards with colleagues is a piece of cake with PowerBI. Email exchanges aren’t necessary. You can share them directly from your desktop application or you can publish them online and choose who you give access to. An extra advantage of sharing them online: data is automatically renewed. Everyone always has the most topical information at his/her disposal.

3. You can create nice-looking visualizations

Whether you have an eye for graphic design or not: with Power BI you can make impressive visualizations. You click your mouse a few times and before you know it, an actual graph, table, map, or workflow appears on your screen.

4. Power BI is very fast

All data is saved in its memory, so you won’t have to wait until queries have been processed. Information is always directly available, so your patience won’t get tested.

5. Power BI and Excel work together seamlessly

Want to make your PowerBI data available in Excel? Whereas other software would need to run an export, Power BI gives you the option to analyze data directly in Excel.


Integration Carerix

With the Carerix Datasource it’s possible to get an insight in all your information in PowerBI. The Carerix Datasource is a daily export of your Carerix data. It offers you access to your data very easily, in a CSV or QVD format. The files can be downloaded into FTP and loaded into your BI tool, like PowerBI.

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