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Ratecard offers an online feedback and reputation management tool that helps you collect automized feedback and references in Carerix. This way, you can get a grip on the candidate, client and/or employee experience, which you can improve each day.


Perception versus Reality

80% of companies think they offer their customers, clients and/or employees a superior experience, though in reality it’s only 8% that really do. It’s the difference between perception and reality, also called “The Experience Gap”.

Ratecard helps you get a grip on your client, customer and/or employees “Experience Gap”. Ask for automated feedback or references through email and or text during the different steps of your process (eg. Intakes, placements, off boarding, et cetera) in Carerix and improve your client, customer, and employee’s experience.

Many clients have gone before you. Check out their success stories here: ratecard.io/success-stories


Integration Carerix

By integrating your Ratecard and Carerix accounts, you can experience the advantages of collecting feedback automatically. Don’t worry about requesting and/or collecting feedback from references, because 100% of the process is automized – so it doesn’t cost you any time anymore. Would you rather be in control, and decide which contacts you’ll ask for feedback and/or a reference? Manual imports are an option too. Watch the integration video:

For information about the price and/or the integration, go to ratecard.io/integrations/carerix or ask your contact person at Carerix.

See our solution work for you?

Request a demo and see how Carerix can work for you. Based on your workflow and our wide experiences we will give you a demo in person or online. We will also take you through the technological developments for recruitment.