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Sharpspring is a marketing automation tool that can be used to generate and manage leads. Carerix is a recruitment software that helps with the recruitment process of finding candidates for vacancies.

Integration Carerix

The integration between Sharpspring and Carerix makes it possible to send leads that are generated through marketing activity in Sharpspring to Carerix immediately, as well as potential candidates for open vacancies. Because of this, the recruitment process will be automated and made more efficient. Moreover, details about applicants in Carerix can be sent back to Sharpspring, so that there’s more insight created in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Social Campaign Parser

Do you use social media campaigns, or marketing automation tools? The ‘(Social)’ Campaign Parser makes it possible to parse leads generated by these tools. You can choose to turn the leads into candidates in Carerix, or to match them with a vacancy straight away.

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