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Stiply makes annoying business processes more fun for everyone, while helping to reduce paper consumption. Stiply’s solution for electronic signatures do both: you can easily get contracts signed online, so you’ll save time and paper.


Time savings

  • Not having to call up clients that keep forgetting to sign their contract
  • Higher processing rate: 25 minutes of time saved per ‘envelope’
  • Faster lead time: from 10 days to a few minutes


Cost effective and sustainable

  • 100% paper-free
  • Save about 65% on paper and postage costs


Process optimalisation

  •  Prevent the risk of incomplete documents
  • Possibility to centralize administrative processes



  • Use your own logo and company identity, add your own terms and conditions, and adjust all email texts the way you want to


Online and safe

  • Available always and everywhere. On a desktop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Secure online environment (SSL)
  • Data is encrypted before it’s saved


Integration Carerix

A broad scale of contracts and other documents, that are generated in Carerix, can be sent to the signatories from a tab in Stiply. Through this tab you can keep up with the status, send out reminders and view the signed documents. At the same time, signed documents will be linked to the concerning file as an appendix.

Legal Validity

This method of signage is legally valid in all member states of the European Union (Guideline 1999/93/EG). To guarantee the legality of the signature, we use PKI Government certificates.

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