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Flexibility and moving fast are important characteristics of you as a staff intermediate. Digitalization of processes plays a big part in this. However, handling the contracts is often still done the old-fashioned way, through the post. This isn’t just labor-intensive, but time consuming and expensive, too. Besides, you’ll increase the risk of incomplete files and information that isn’t up to date. With digital signage these are the problems of the past.



  • Saving time: faster processing
  • Never having to call people requesting them to sign the documents and return them.
  • Shorter lead time: from an average of ten days to just a couple of minutes
  • Cost effective and sustainable: 100% paper-free, about 65% cheaper than paper/posting.


Integration Carerix

Sending in signage requests

With the standalone version you can get started right away. Through the offer portal, you can upload all the documents that need signing. You fill in the email address and mobile number of the person who needs to sign the papers, and of Intra Office Digital signing.

The Signatories

Signatories will receive an email with a link to the signing portal. Through a text-authentication, access is provided to view the document, and to sign it as soon as there’s an agreement. The signing portal is completely browser-based. So, you can use it on either your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Legally valid

The digital signature is encrypted into the document. This way, it’s not necessary to paraph each page of the document separately. The documents cannot be edited after signing and they are legally valid. Through the Professional portal, you can observe the status of the signing process, and if necessary, you can take action immediately. That’s how easy it is!

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