• Search, Match & Source


Textkernel is specialized in the development and supply of semantic search, source, lead generation, and matching tools.


  • Quickly create candidates through the automatic processing of CVs in the CV parser by Textkernel
  • Find candidates in your own and in external databases, with the semantic search tool by CXSearch!
  • Through the tool in Textkernel, Jobfeed, it’s possible to gain insight into advert behavior of prospects or clients, in recruitment demands, and find the right candidate for your vacancy.



Search! by Textkernel helps find the right candidates and match the right vacancies in an instant, directly from your Carerix surroundings. The smart, semantic search tool enriches your search with synonyms and related terms, and shows you results ranked by relevance, so you can immediately focus on your best candidates. The results and searches are completely transparent, too: as a recruiter you’re always in control. Moreover, you can search within your own database and external ones, simultaneously.

The advantages of Search!

  • An extremely user-friendly interface – directly available in Carerix
  • Enhances the chance of finding the most suitable candidates
  • Option to use one search for several databases and social media channels at the same time


Integration Carerix

Textkernel is directly integrated  into your Carerix application. The parser is available through several files, like the email file, and the resume. The products by CXSearch! And Jobfeed both have a tab in the vacancy and candidate file, where you can start matching straight away.

See our solution work for you?

Request a demo and see how Carerix can work for you. Based on your workflow and our wide experiences we will give you a demo in person or online. We will also take you through the technological developments for recruitment.