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Textmetrics’ smart AI writing software. Say goodbye to boring, inconsistent, and hard-to-understand writing with Textmetrics, the smart AI writing software made for people and goals. This custom platform optimizes every text to fit your tone of voice, SEO standards, and branding. Plus, it's inclusive, non-discriminatory, and mistake-free! You can even translate your text to any language. Try it for free or get a custom-made subscription that fits your needs. Just download the plugin and let Textmetrics work its magic in real-time.


With Textmetrics you can work on the quality of your vacancies. Prevent gender prejudice, write inclusively, and optimize your vacancy texts for Google for Jobs.

  • Prevent Gender bias
  • Correct language level (B1 is understood by 80% of all people and is thus strongly recommended)
  • Inclusive writing
  • Prevent age discrimination
  • Prevent cultural prejudices
  • Write on-brand
  • Write following your own writing and brand rules
  • SEO optimized for Google for Jobs


Textmetrics and Carerix join forces for a dynamic duo of job recruitment magic!

Get the most out of your job postings with the Carerix and Textmetrics integration. Let Textmetrics do the heavy lifting! Use Textmetrics directly in Carerix  for quick feedback and helpful suggestions. That way, your text is optimized for Google, inclusive and gender-neutral, and in the right branding and tone of voice, without you having to bend over backwards and follow all the rules. With Textmetrics, your job postings are top-notch and you’ll reach the right
candidates in no time.

With the support of Carerix’ optimized Textmetrics Chrome-extensions you can:

  • Analyze all sorts of content, texts and vacancies
  • Press ‘analyze content’, for immediate content and SEO feedback. For example, you can optimize your job advertisement for Google for Jobs
  • If you press the D&I gender module you can choose your target audience: female, neutral or male
  • Choose replacements for gendered words to make sure your text is optimized for your target audience, and that the job advert reaches everyone within your target audience


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