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13 October 2020

Carerix and Whatsapp

How great would it be if you as a recruiter can really be reached 24/7? With social media you can go in many directions. They are powerful platforms,  with a different purpose. Send an application via WhatsApp, Facebook or Linkedin? It’s all possible nowadays. But how do you ensure that as a recruiter you are not only busy answering WhatsApp or social media messages? WhatsApp is a popular platform and therefore offers opportunities to speed up the recruitment process.

WhatsApp is well known to everyone and can no longer be ignored in everyday life. An accessible and personal way of communicating and popular with almost all target groups. An app is sent in no time, can easily pass between other activities and gives the space to answer when there is time. But did you know that you can also automate WhatsApp through a chatbot? This allows you to ask your candidate all kinds of questions via an app and automatically answer questions from the candidate.

Optimal accessibility

Today’s chatbot is an automated conversation partner that is available 24/7. He answers questions from candidates and, if necessary, passes the question on to a recruiter. The (partial) automation of chat conversations therefore has many advantages. Because conversations are picked up for you, colleagues can focus on other tasks for which there is normally less time. In addition, candidates respond faster, leave more information and register for a Job Alert faster. And – perhaps the biggest advantage – when everyone is home, a chatbot continues. Jobseekers mainly search the internet outside office hours for the ideal job. Whatsapp can respond immediately to applications and questions, where a recruiter will wait until the next working day.

In practice, the search for a suitable contact moment between you and your potential candidate always takes longer than you would like. You call past each other, record each other’s voicemail or text back and forth without reaching a specific appointment.

When a candidate is looking for personal contact, a chatbot can ensure that the candidate can immediately book an appointment in the calendar of the designated recruiter. The bot does the preliminary work. He screens the candidates by asking the most important questions in a pre-selection.

In short: a chatbot makes the recruiter’s job a lot easier. The fact that candidates also see the advantage of this is evident from the Recruiting Trends study. This survey shows that in Germany 53.2% of candidates use chatbots to gather information.

How does it work within Carerix?

Thanks to the link between Carerix and WhatsApp, you can start a conversation directly via WhatsApp. For example, you can ask candidates about availability or the number of hours they want to work. The chatbot talks to your candidates via WhatsApp and sends the information back to Carerix. This way you can see for yourself whether the candidate meets the desired requirements and if necessary you want to invite him or her for an intake interview.

You can use Whatsapp not only to let candidates apply, but also to request availability, or to do an AVG check. 

When you have determined that you also want to use Whatsapp for your organization, you can get started right away with these tips:

  1. Determine the tone of voice. Who is your target group and what working and thinking level does this target group have.
  2. Give the chatbot a face and name. Preferably, of course, an existing colleague from your own team. Personality is key.
  3. Try to incorporate the values ​​of your organization in the way you address candidates.

If a candidate places a contact request or applies via Whatsapp, you prefer to enter the candidate’s personal information directly into your own ATS. You can simply link a chatbot to Carerix, so that all candidate data is immediately entered in the correct fields.

Encourage the personal dialogue between your company and candidates or customers and make WhatsApp part of your recruitment process.

Do you want to know more about Carerix and Whatsapp? Then contact us.