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08 April 2021

Clubhouse & TikTok? Not to be missed in a social media strategy for recruitment in 2021

We have been familiar with it for years: social media. Where one effortlessly makes his way through the emerging and existing canals, the other has no clue how to implement all these upcoming social channels. We use LinkedIn every day, but new channels such as TikTok and Clubhouse? How do you use these new media, without forgetting the well-known social channels? In this article, we’ll give you a total of 7 tips & tricks to make these emerging channels a great success.

TikTok is already extremely popular, but Clubhouse is also gaining more ground. Where Generation Z is indispensable from TikTok, Clubhouse has a very mixed target group. But what can you do with it as a recruiter?

4 ways to use Clubhouse as a recruiter

Using Clubhouse is slightly more difficult than other social media platforms. To use the platform, you need the following 2 things:

  1. An iPhone: there is currently no desktop version of Clubhouse and Android users also have to be patient before they can use the app.
  2. You must be invited to someone who already has an account. A profile can only invite a select group, so it may take some time before you can access the platform.

Once you have been able to create an account on Clubhouse, you can use it in the following 4 ways within your recruitment strategy.

Follow the right people

To be successful on any platform, it is important that you follow the right people. This principle also applies to Clubhouse. After registering, you select your areas of interest, such as recruitment or the specific industry you are active in, after which Clubhouse automatically suggests people to follow. Do you follow some people? Then so-called “rooms” are proposed in which you can talk to different people. At the moment there are already quite a few recruitment influencers on Clubhouse. Follow your favorites and see how they go about it!

Build a brand

At the moment there are few company profiles to be found on Clubhouse. Not surprising, because Clubhouse prefers personal profiles over companies. The best way to build a brand on Clubhouse is through your personal profile. For example, name your agency in your bio and refer to the vacancies you offer, so that your followers can see it at a glance.

Use different keywords in your bio so that new people can find you easily. Do you recruit in construction? Then use words like “Jobs in Construction & Engineering” or “Vacancies in Mechanical Engineering” to attract potential candidates.

Use Clubhouse as a social selling tool

Clubhouse is the perfect social selling app. To start with this, you can, for example, participate in the conversations that are relevant to your industry. By participating in different “Rooms” you come into contact with people from all over the world who you would not meet during a normal networking event. By starting “Rooms” yourself, you can share content that is valuable to potential candidates. This way you pull them to your profile and you can start building followers.

Make use of Clubs

The name of the app actually already gives it away; in addition to “Rooms” you can also create “Clubs” in Clubhouse. The advantage of a Club is that they remain permanent, unlike Rooms. You can set up both private and public Clubs and as soon as users follow your Club, they will be notified of every Room you start. By starting a Club you give followers a good insight into the content you share.

3 ways to use TikTok as a recruiter

TikTok has taken off like wildfire after its launch in 2017. By now, many companies have noticed this and have started creating Recruitment Marketing content for the platform.

Gen Z and Millennials make up the most of TikTok’s audience, making TikTok a great channel for reaching and building brand awareness among college students, new graduates, and young audiences. To help you on your way here too, here are 3 ways you can use TikTok as a recruiter.

Promote internships and traineeships

Since TikTok users are generally younger, TikTok is the ideal platform to promote internships and traineeships. An annoying effect of the corona pandemic is that MBOs or HBOs no longer offer young people an internship market. They will therefore have to look for internships and traineeships themselves. TikTok can be a good digital alternative to help students and recent graduates find the ideal internship.

Give a look behind the scenes, the real #employeeexperience

Many candidates like to get a taste of the work atmosphere. Whether that is at your office, or at the customer for whom you have a vacancy. TikTok offers you the opportunity to spotlight placed candidates and showcase their unique personalities and talents. Creative ways of making videos are extremely popular. Of course, TikTok also participates and they have their own @LifeAtTikTok account. On this channel they share what a typical working day at TikTok looks like, but also how you can prepare for an interview or what talents are needed within the company.

Collect all recruiters!

One of the best ways to recruit candidates is to create clear videos of job openings. Storytelling! Gather your recruiters to actively share job videos on TikTok. In this way, the young viewers not only get to know the recruiters, but they also immediately see the type of vacancy you are offering. It doesn’t get any more personal or faster!

But is it really something for me?

That is a difficult question of course. Many recruiters did not immediately see Facebook as a recruitment channel in 2010, but rather as a private platform. Now, 11 years later, social media can no longer be ignored in the recruitment marketing mix.

TikTok and Clubhouse are still relatively unknown channels. So take your chance and use both as a platform to experiment with!