01 April 2022

Hans de Groot reinforces the Carerix management as new CEO

Hans de Groot is the new CEO of Carerix. He will be the successor of Reinald Snik who was Carerix’s CEO since 2012. Reinald keeps an active role within the Pixid Group where Carerix is part of since 2018.
With the ambition and strategy that we have with Carerix, we are very excited about the addition of Hans de Groot to our board of directors”, according to Reinald.

“I’ve been working for 10 years at this amazing company and it is therefore quite difficult to let go and hand over everything you worked so hard on in the last decade. But Hans is the right person to fulfill this role within Carerix. I have known Hans for years and we have worked together multiple times. In my new role at the Pixid Group, I will still remain involved with Carerix, so we will be closely working together”.

Hans has over 25 years of experience within the software industry, including HR software and Web Content Management Systems. With experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management both in the Netherlands and internationally, it comes naturally for Hans to be involved in building relationships with partners and customers.

“Carerix is a great organization with a proven track-record and still lots of ambitions. The customer is always key and they look from the outside in. And that is exactly how I like to work” Hans de Groot.

“By continually listening and talking to your target customers, we secure the relationship with both new and existing customers. I like to be in the field to remain close to our market. This way we keep checking if our vision and strategy matches the wishes and expectations of our customers. This gives me the opportunity to optimally connect to Carerix as an organization and its products”. Says Hans.

Reinald is responsible for all international business units within Pixid Group including Connecting-Expertise in Antwerp, Amris in London, Carerix in Rotterdam and the international Pixid Total Talent Acquisition team. “With even more focus on combining our business units, we bridge the gap between ATS and VMS through a Total Talent Acquisition proposition aimed at the HR service provider.” says Reinald.