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02 November 2017

PRESS RELEASE | Carerix gets the maximum talent out of candidates by integrating HRMforce online tests

Time savings, process optimisation and a better match thanks to enriched data

Rotterdam/Schiphol-Rijk, 2 November 2017 – Carerix, a supplier of recruitment solutions for corporate recruiters and intermediaries, has created a link with . As a result, HRMforce talent management software is now fully integrated within the Carerix platform. A separate tab in Carerix gives recruiters direct access to online tests that provide insight into the knowledge, capabilities, personality, satisfaction level and motivation of candidates. The greatest advantages of this integration are time savings and process optimisation, not to mention a better match thanks to enhanced data.

Time savings

The need for integration originates from the market, where several customers use both Carerix and HRMForce. “Carerix is usually the main application, which requires logging into HRMForce separately,” says Floor Hendriks, a Managing Partner at HRMForce. “The process of requesting and sending results is fully automated within the Carerix platform. This integration results in a time savings of five to seven minutes per candidate on average

Automated search and benchmarks

This integration also forms the prelude to phase two of the collaboration namely, enriching the candidate match with data from the competency tests. Hendriks explains, present, the results are received as PDF files and recruiters can manually assign scores for certain competencies, such as a high score for customer focus, networking or an above average educational background. Before the end of the year, the goal is that the results will also be forwarded as rough data in order to also fully automate the match on the competency level. This will result in a better search, though it is also useful for benchmarking

Strength in numbers

Hendriks is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Carerix is a highly structured company on both the commercial and technical level. The integration was achieved within three months, which is especially fast. This type of integration process usually takes six months to a year. The team is exceptionally customer oriented in that they can easily switch gears and effectively solve any glitches. Apart from the added value of the integration itself, we also have the opportunity to reinforce one another in a broader sense

Maximum talent

“The added value for Carerix lies primarily in the fact that HRMForce’s online tests have a far broader scope than an assessment alone," says Reinald Snik, CEO of Carerix. “There are tests for every HR phase: pre-selection, selection, development, performance and assessment, from effective predictors of success in a position to the degree to which certain competencies can be developed further. This enables recruiters to get the most out of candidates using talent management software.”

About Carerix

Carerix supplies recruitment solutions that help corporate recruiters and intermediaries to find the best match. The solutions are hosted in a SaaS model and supplied via secure data centres. Carerix was founded in 2003 and currently has more than 70 employees and over 650 clients, including (divisions of) Randstad, USG, Adecco, DPA, Manpower and specialised intermediaries in ICT, oil & gas, finance and service industries. Carerix serves over 10,000 users every day, in 17 different countries, and collaborates with various strategic partners. Apart from the head office at the new location – Cornerstone Business park at Rotterdam The Hague Airport – Carerix also has a development location in Kiev. For further information: www.carerix.com

About HRMForce

HRMForce was established in 2009 and specialises in online talent management using assessment tools and solutions. HRMForce takes an innovative approach to developing personnel management solutions in the 'cloud'. These vary from a simple personality or intelligence questionnaire to a complete tool for improving development and enhancing performance. HRMForce supports all major HRM processes, such as recruitment and selection, development, employability and HR Analytics. HRMForce is also active outside the Netherlands via distributors in countries like Belgium, France, Romania, Spain and India. For further information: www.hrmforce.com

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