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HrmForce offers innovative, online, psychometric assessments and solutions for talent management challenges in the HR cycle.


  • Objective analysis of applicants qualities and talents
  • Fully automated matching on competencies
  • Improved search through sector benchmarks
  • Increase the chance of a successful match
  • Reduce the chance of mismatches
  • Local Dutch norm group
  • Customized competence languages ​​(including for healthcare, education)

Features API Carerix

  • Send test links directly from candidate profile in Carerix
  • Assessment reports automatically linked to candidate profile in Carerix
  • Raw data (specific scores on sub-components) available in Carerix for matching and Resume

Most used questionnaires for selection:

Big Fifty Personality: personality questionnaire based on Big 5 with link to (a selection of) 100 competencies
Motivation: what motivates a candidate and what does the candidate encounter in current work?
Ability Analysis:  measures cognitive abilities (intelligence) on Verbal, Numerical and Spatial level
Leadership: measures your candidate’s leadership style.
Reference Check: a standardized process which automatically collects objective references.