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All information needed to manage your business is divided over various tools. It’s difficult to see whether enough requests come in, and if you know the right candidates for them. This could lead to less clients, and less results. Annoying, because you just want to grow. And clients that come back more often because you understand what you’re doing.

Collaboration with Carerix 

If you use Carerix in combination with other applications and sources, a standard or tailored dashboard may be what you need. It combines information from several sources into smart observations. It gives you the opportunity to quickly changes gears in sales and recruitment funnels, and to improve your marketing campaigns.

It is built with the commonly used technology of Microsoft Power BI. Optimize your revenue and conversion, without having to develop your own data-model. Everything is already present in the tool, which is easy and efficient to use for every recruitment agency, large or small. Together, we’ll make sure you can use the gained insights in the best way for your company.


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