You find the perfect match, OAK HRM makes sure your back-office is in order. Want to hand over the complete legal employment to OAK HRM? Or outsource just a part of it? OAK HRM takes care of it!

Collaboration with Carerix

As a leading supplier of front-office software, we understand how important it is to support your company with its core activities. That’s why we are proud of our collaboration with Oak HRM, specialist in back-office services. Our coupling with the Oak HRM platform offers you the best of both worlds. You can work with specialized software tools that create an efficient method and complete unburdening on an administrative level, without the unnecessary data entries.

The collaboration between Carerix and Oak HRM means you can trust the knowledge and expertise of two leading players in HR-services. Our combined services offer your company the support it needs to grow.

Experience our solution

Request a demo and see how Carerix can work for you. Based on your workflow and our wide experiences we will give you a demo in person or online.