Solid Online

Solid Online links data from various sources and helps organizations to work more creatively and smarter, so they can offer the best possible service. Solid does this by streamlining data and optimizing processes. User-friendliness, safety, and stability are at the forefront. This way, Solid organizations can become more efficient, as a foundation has been created for growth.

Collaboration with Carerix

Connector: The flexible coupling platform for the flex industry. The Connector creates a seamless integration between software packages. With a subscription to the Connector, your data streams are arranged effectively. Manually typing out data or importing it from Excel lists becomes unnecessary. Data stays topical and correct on each platform. Most companies use several software packages. An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for the front-office for recruitment, for example, a planner, and a time sheet system. And then a back-office for payroll, and often a financial system, too. Every software package has their own layout, so that most systems don’t connect. Then data has to be manually typed out or exported with Excel from one system to another. This costs a lot of time and is sensitive to errors. However, it’s essential that data is synchronized and correct everywhere. To fix this, companies often build their own couplings. This is a time consuming and expensive solution, and as soon as something changes in one of the packages, the coupling has aged, and companies have to invest in software development. With Solid Online Connector you can integrate all your systems, so that manual actions become a thing of the past. Coupling your Carerix surrounding to other applications has never been this easy!

Other services:

  • Data migration
  • Accurately transfer data to your own new system
  • Time Transformer
  • Quickly import, unpack and process time filesInvoice Transformer
  • Edit and send client specific invoices


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