Talmark is the specialist. They combine recruitment knowledge and creative ability in branding, digital marketing, and web technology. Talmark offers solutions for digital communication for HR mediators and employers. As one of the few digital marketing agencies in the Netherlands, Talmark focuses completely on finding, tempting, fascinating and engaging talent.

Collaboration with Carerix

Smart Recruitment Website (SRSx)

Recruitment sites or job boards are about FTFE: Finding, Tempting, Fascinating and Engaging. This is why you should let your website be taken care of by Carerix and choose Smart Recruitment Site (SRSx); this way, Carerix is the point of contact for your recruitment software and recruitment website.

With Carerix’ SRSx, you’ll possess a state-of-the-art website, that is fully integrated into your Carerix Application, with plug-ins optimized for the recruitment industry.

  • Choose from many different responsive designs, fully adaptable to your own look & feel
  • Established from the perspective of talent acquisition
  • Completely unburdened, assured of the latest updates. Everything is tested
  • Continuous search optimalization for all large search engines
  • No unexpected costs
  • No more worrying about the underlying techniques. Carerix takes care of all the updates. You just have to add or edit text and images, and that’s easy and simple, because of the Content Management System WordPress.

Experience our solution

Request a demo and see how Carerix can work for you. Based on your workflow and our wide experiences we will give you a demo in person or online.