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Using Talent Intelligence
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Thalento® is a leading Cloud/SaaS provider which empowers companies to focus on Workforce Optimisation. This enables them to manage the full potential of People.
Our Assessments, Talent Solutions and Talent Intelligence Tools have been incorporated into the Carerix platform, this means direct access to effective decision information for attracting & selecting the right talents.

Important benefits

  • Access Carerix and Thalento® with a single login
  • Clear & easy overview to save time
  • Test each candidate within a few clicks
  • High-quality matches
  • Real-time results in various languages

Assessments have been added to our workflow and will allow us to improve the profiles of our candidates. Better candidates and a positive candidate experience- Studentenbureau

Better insight into people

You have access to all Thalento® solutions via the Carerix platform. The following reports are included:

This portfolio of validated & easy to interpret reports is available within Carerix.
They are based on the following tests:

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires
Professional behaviour, motivation and performance

Cognitive Tests
Abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning ability

Ability Tests
Planning & organisation, speed & accuracy, language, technical and staffing tests

CUBES Competency Suite
Creating extensive competency profiles

360° Survey
Multi-rater survey built on competencies

Mapping teams in a graphic overview

Career Fitness Profiler
Career counselling

Building your own tests