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Sales, ATS, CRM: one central platform
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CRM & Sales in Carerix

Carerix supports all your CRM & Sales processes. The central Carerix platform offers you real-time insight into ‘Leads’ and ‘Opportunities’ files and allows you to get a grip on your sales processes and CRM activities. Clear dashboards and pipelines lead to transparent conversions and predictable results.

They are determined by the types of sales models and processes you implement. Sales and Delivery are fully supported when working together to qualify and quantify leads in the ‘Leads’ file. These qualified leads are then processed into the ‘Opportunities’ file by opportunity management.

Structure leads into valuable opportunities using the steps in your lead process.



Use personally designed process steps to successfully complete opportunities.



Sales management in Carerix
Carerix supports the entire sales process. Using the central Carerix platform, Sales and/or Recruiters are able to work closely together at any point in the process and regardless of the collaboration model. This way of communicating is crucial to achieving successes, be it a single placement or a major framework contract. You can set up the sales process to suit your own requirements, targets and actions, with statuses, responsibilities and tasks.

  • Improve the quality of your sales process
  • Smarter collaboration between Sales and Recruiter
  • Insight into efforts and activities required to achieve targets
  • Adjustment with real-time funnels, reports and dashboards
  • Make your results predictable!

1. Blended model Recruiter

  • Recruiters are also responsible for the sales process
  • Sales and recruitment process in one single workflow in Carerix

2. Split model Sales & Recruiter (Carerix)

  • Sales and Recruiter work together in the process
  • All information from both roles central in Carerix

3. Split model Sales & Recruiter (Carerix – external)

  • Sales and Recruiters work together in the process
  • Sales uses an external application (e.g. Sales­f­orce) and the Recruiters work in Carerix
  • Integrated processes and reports through integration between the systems and with the help of open APIs*

* Standard integration available between Salesforce and Carerix
These models can be used interchangeably.