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Better matches based on objective and enriched data
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The talent management software of hrmforce offers you 25 online tests that provide insight into the knowledge, capabilities, personality, satisfaction level and motivation of candidates. Insights into motives, competence development and professional & intellectual capacities (in relation to sector benchmarks) help to improve the likelihood of better matches. This allows the qualities of candidates to be demonstrated in an objective manner, thus increasing the chance of success.

  • More objective candidate qualities and talents
  • Fully automatic matches for competences
  • Better searches and convenient for benchmarking
  • Better chance of a successful match
  • Less chance of mismatches

Integration within Carerix helps to create a simple procedure where better matches can be created in no time at all. Besides 25 online tests, it is also possible to use questionnaires and modules to stimulate and monitor the development of employees. Get started with hrmforce now and use enriched data to fully exploit the talent of your candidates.