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Add personality to the CV with video
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Videopitch/Automated interviews

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is becoming increasingly applicable to the world of recruiters and HR professionals. Whereas it was previously frowned upon to add a photo to your CV, this has now become standard practice. And the next step is to add a video. Besides offering you extra information in the selection process, you will also be at an advantage if your candidates are able to introduce themselves to your clients with full visual and audio.

Here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Implement more efficient pre-selection
  • Also evaluate candidates for ‘soft skills’
  • No more issues with physical distance or traffic jams
  • Absent colleagues can also view candidates
  • Improve your effectiveness with video advertising/video vacancies

The integrated video feature in Carerix offers you a complete candidate/match preview. Carerix supports two options:

Video pitch

Candidates have the freedom to introduce themselves using a 30-second video pitch. This means you not only assess candidates using information on their CV’s, but also assess their motivation and personality. Your clients can gain an insight within 30 seconds, which allows candidates to distinguish themselves and makes the rest of the (pre-) selection process more efficient.

Live and automated interviews

Do you want more than just a first impression? Then live or automated interviews can assist you. They allow you to ask candidates various questions by video or text. You are able to configure the length and number of recordings. You can also have live conversations and record them. This allows you to conduct job interviews remotely, where and whenever you want.

The freemium model

Based on existing integration, the Cammio video pitch is now available as standard functionality within Carerix. This is a unique and free model which allows you to use five 30-second video pitches per user each month. Each and every month. Here you can read more about how to activate this functionality.

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