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Carerix recruitment software provides you with an overview of all procedures at a single glance and enables you to easily monitor all commercial activities within your organisation. Recruitment, selection and staffing via a single system is not only “, but also lets you achieve both speed and continuity within your recruitment organisation. Are your needs growing together with your organisation? Then Carerix can expand at the same pace as your organisation.

Processes and workflows are unique. In a personal discussion and demonstration, we give you clear advice and a solution that focuses on the best ‘Candidate, Cliënt and User experience’. Please do not hesitate to contact us. On working days, you will receive a response within 24 hours.



Years of expertise

We have used our long-standing expertise and experience to develop a modern cloud-based platform that supports the entire CRM, recruitment & selection and staffing process. We call this approach the “Control Tower”.


Partner network with solutions that ensure the perfect match

Together with professional partners, Carerix delivers state-of-the art solutions in keeping with your specific preferences and today’s trends. The result is unique opportunities to stand out in the flex or job market, while at the same time achieving your goal: the perfect match.


Your processes and workflows

Carerix has an intuitive interface and, thanks to the open platform, it can be fully adapted to the market in which you specialise. After all, your processes and workflows are unique.


Always up to date on any device

Carerix makes sure that your application is always up to date on any device and wherever you may be. This means you do not have to worry about issues like security, legislation, scalability, internationalisation, integrations or technology, as Carerix takes care of all this for you.