Carerix serves more than 12,000 satisfied users every day, spread over 17 countries. Our customers are also our ambassadors. And we are proud of that! Read the testimonials.


We are fully-satisfied users of the Carerix system since 2009. The typical features required to support interim and recruitment processes are amply represented in the system. It allows us to adopt a structured approach to tracking both small and large projects, from the creation of assignments to placement and subsequent monitoring.

Carerix is also a great system for small businesses when streamlining processes and taking care of administration duties. When you are self-employed, you are forced to juggle many different things at the same time. I pay for the convenience, but also the peace of mind I get from knowing that everything can be easily accessed in Carerix.

As a specialist in the field of technical staff, we have a lot of experience with different CRM systems. Carerix is the perfect match because we can easily customize the system to our needs.

When we need advice the professionals at Carerix support us with any question. We think Carerix is an excellent partner and we are very satisfied with the cooperation.

We are one of the fastest growing start-ups in the construction, real estate and engineering sectors, and Carerix is a professional partner that offers excellent support when realising our ambitions. This not only involves customising and maintaining the CRM package, but also offering new tools and improving our work process.

Due to Carerix, our consultants, recruiters and support services can fully focus on their core business: creating a match between demand and supply. We regard Carerix as a pleasant and professional business partner.

Cammio and Carerix are both motivated by continuous development. This means we can regularly offer new functionalities to our customers. Cammio’s integration in Carerix allows users to achieve better matches via video recruitment.

Quality, efficiency and convenience are what Carerix gives us. The package continues to surprise us with useful tools and insights that can also be expanded to our own wishes. An absolute must have!

Before, during and after the smooth migration, the Carerix team is always ready and will quickly provide you with an answer, explanation or solution. With the many possibilities that the package offers, this is a valuable asset for Dinel and we will certainly see the beneficial results.

Through the implementation of Carerix combined with the corresponding career pages, we are able to structure our recruitment and selection process across the entire group. Good candidates are no longer lost, the processes within the different companies have been simplified, and the system is GDPR compliant. With the highly professional guidance of one of the business consultants and the flexibility of the system, the implementation was quickly and efficiently completed within the set deadlines, despite working from a remote work situation.

The Carerix system is user-friendly, organized, and can be configured to align with the processes used by Essent recruiters to attract talent from the market. Additionally, the integration with our Careers website is highly stable.

Working with Carerix means being part of a high quality and lasting partnership. Because people appreciate receiving ideas and practical solutions.

A video introduction is a more efficient way of following processes and enriching talent pools. We share Carerix’s rationale in this regard. This, together with their focus on the recruitment and staffing market, makes Carerix an attractive partner for us.

Carerix offers insights into the quality of our services, which can then be used to make strategic decisions.

Rapid growth at HENK detachering meant we were looking for an ATS that could simplify our recruitment and staffing processes. Thanks to the extremely user-friendly and smart software of Carerix, as well as effective communication with Carerix staff, we were able to go live in no time at all. We enjoy using Carerix every day because it allows us to maintain a clear overview in the hectic, but wonderful, world of employment mediation.

Het Werkstation opted for Carerix after receiving a very positive recommendation; in the meantime, we have also recommended Carerix to others. There is no better form of advertising; nor is there a better recruitment system.

We have been able to personally modify Carerix, which means software has now been specifically configured to suit the legal market. This allows us to offer a unique level of service and provide the best results to our clients.

This flexibility, combined with the automation capabilities, has enabled us to reduce our onboarding process by over 70%.

Carerix is a reliable recruitment system for us that can be easily customized to meet our needs. Furthermore, we perceive Carerix as a trustworthy business partner that thinks along and is innovative.

If your visions match, it’s best to work together. Being a partner of Carerix means being innovative and pioneering with data integration. Carerix is a first mover; it also thinks about the future, not just the present.

Thanks to Carerix, we are able to combine rapid growth and a high level of quality. Our consultants, recruiters, and administration are able to fully focus on their core tasks thanks to Carerix. This makes prioritizing easier and minimizes time loss.

We switched to Carerix because the application is perfectly suited to executive bureaus like ours. Simple to learn, easy to use and clear for everyone.

Carerix helps MasterMeester to realise a faster and always transparent process, and gives candidates the best possible application experience.

Carerix is a proven technology within Randstad as it already being used in 12 other Randstad Operating Countries. We can thus benefit from best practices.

The main reasons for selecting Carerix include access to future-proof technologies for search & match, best integration possibilities and a great user experience. Carerix is a useful environment for our Consultants because they can see all relevant information on a single screen. Also, we can better generate appropriate management information for our decision-makers.

Carerix has been fully configured to suit our process-based approach, can be perfectly integrated with recruitment tools and transparently and efficiently supports our work processes. This allows us to maximise our focus on recruiting and selecting the best employees for our clients.

Recruitment Technologies has been the leading multi-poster in the Netherlands since 2002. The effective partnership between Carerix and Recruitment Technologies is reflected in the perfect integration of systems as well as service desks.

An important aspect of Sterksen's service provision is the collaboration with Carerix. Sterksen has been a customer of Carerix since 2008, and for nearly 15 years, it has been the driving force in managing all candidate processes.

Our partnership with Carerix has been arranged so all our operating companies will gradually switch from our existing package to Carerix.

Our CV parsing, semantic search software and lead generation tool have been integrated into Carerix. This means users can quickly identify leads, easily find candidates and save time in their data entry activities.

Adecco Group Belgium have been using Carerix as a primary tool for several years now. This includes Adecco brands such as XPE, Modis, Spring, Badenoch & Clark, Euro Engineering and 3W. Because of our challenging business stucture, we need a flexible and tailor-made tool which we found in Carerix.

Through the years the tool grew with our business, resulting in us being able to build on a solid structure based on our needs. Thanks to the available reports we can monitor all our activities precisely and adjust whenever needed. Carerix is a user-friendly tool, clear and easy to connect with external tools. This results in endless possibilities!

Our growth required a better front office package. During that time, we extensively researched the market to find not only the right system but also the organization that would fit well with us and help us take the next step forward.

We asked our employees and even entrusted them with the decision-making process. After all, any system is only as good as the user who operates it. If the user doesn't believe in it and adopts their own approach, then the system, no matter how good it is, is already doomed from the start.

Carerix aligns with our project and process-driven approach, ensuring maximum support and enabling us to focus on establishing the right connections. Carerix is integral to the growth objectives of Velox Engineering.

At VNOM, efficiency and quality are extremely important to us. That is why we are continuously improving and accelerating our processes. Clear work processes are extremely important for this. By using Carerix, we have made our processes transparent and we can continue to act efficiently and guarantee quality.

Within VNOM we all use Carerix. We have set up Carerix in such a way that our consultants can see which tasks and responsibilities belong to them at a glance. In addition, candidates are easy to find and the system is clearly laid out. The tools that Carerix offers have now become a characteristic part of our work processes within VNOM.

Werkend Nederland uses Carerix intensively as a CRM system. In addition, its workflow and activity management helps to create an overview of work processes.

Carerix is exactly the kind of flexible package a payroll company and contract manager like Ziezzo was looking for. We use all features, from contract generation and online time registration to billing.