12 september 2023 11:30

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On September 12th at 11.30 AM, we hosted another Product Update in which Hans Rook and Bo Stevens (Product Owners at Carerix) talked about the latest technological developments of Carerix.

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This is your opportunity to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations. It promises to be an informative session in which we update you within an hour with topics such as:

  • Discover the latest update of ‘My Assistant’ you can now manage and prioritise your daily tasks even easier and more efficiently. Get instant access to important information, such as open vacancies, current applications and scheduled interviews, all in one convenient place.
  • All developments and Practices of Carerix Automations. See which new automations are available and how to free up time for you and your colleagues.
  • A look at the Roadmap. How does the Carerix Roadmap work, which developments are on it? And how can you influence them? Get an early insight into new developments such as ChatGPT in Carerix and Webhooks.
  • Various updates to the Carerix User Interface and the Calendar & Planner.

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